The CP330 Walkie-Talkie is a professional grade model that is well suited to hangers, warehouses and other indoor workplaces, featuring drop-proof resistance, clear reception and repeater compatible functions.

Professional Walkie-Talkie

Emergency Button
Hold to send out a distress signal to other walkie-talkies within range.

Emergency Button

Hold to send out a distress signal to other walkies within range.



Additional information

Weight .115 g
Dimensions 94 × 53 × 21 mm

7.4V 2200MAH Li-ion High Capacity Battery Pack

Technical Specifications

512 channels in 16 groups
53 CTCSS / 208 DCS
Call Guard Squelch
Scramble function
Compander function
Dual Tone Modulation Frequency (DTMF)
Scan and Priority Scan
VOX Voice Activated Transmission
2 Tone / 5 Tone
Busy Channel Lockout
Time-Out Timer (TOT)
12.5KHz / 25KHz selective channel spacing
Monitor function
1 Watt High Power Speaker
7.4V 2200MAH Li-ion High capacity battery pack
Repeater function for extension of talk range
PC Programming and Cloning
Emergency button
4 Step Squelch control using RSSI
Lone Worker function
Remote Radio Stun/Unstun (use 5 tone)


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