4 Decades of Redefining Radio Communications

The CPS Group

The CPS group has evolved over a span of over 46 years from a paging operator to one of the leading communication equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Hong Kong, China since its formation in 1978.

CPS Telecom is engaged principally in the research and development , design, manufacture and distribution of radio communication equipment and its accessories.

Years of History


Concord Paging System Ltd, one of the largest paging operations in Hong Kong was founded.


Concord Paging System Limited became the first company in the world to use computer in the paging industry.


An archived video clip taken in 1982 featuring a tour of Concord Paging System and replayed on TVB in 2022.


Inauguration of Contrad Headquarter

Contrad Limited began the distribution of two-way communication equipment in China.


Concord Paging System Limited was sold to Hutchison Group. The CPS Group then focused on the two-way communication equipment business in China.


Exclusively distributed communication products that were made and supplied by Marantz Japan under the “CPS” and “STANDARD” brand, becoming the largest supplier of communication equipment in China with an annual sales of approximately HK$ 500M. 


Entered into an equity joint venture in Beijing China with Beijing Hua Xun Group and Fengtai District Huaxiang Industrial Group to establish Beijing Contrad Communications Equipments Co, Limited. Held a signing ceremony and dinner party in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.


Introduced the Zetron trunking system.


Contrad International publicly listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


Inauguration of Beijing Contrad Communications Equipments Co.,Ltd. in Beijing, China.

Exclusively contracted to distribute Motorola AP series two-way radio in China.


Exclusively contracted to distribute Simoco MPT1327 Trunking system in China.


Sold the listing position and purchased back the communication equipment business.


Designed the first license-free walkie-talkie, CP101 in Hong Kong China.


CPS Group, with CPS Telecom Co., Ltd. as its flagship company, has a forward-looking vision and a deep understanding of the radio communication market, and continues to launch its own brand of advanced and cost-effective communication equipment.


CP101 received the Design Patent in China, Hong Kong, European Union; USA in year 2008.


CPS Group designed a series of Business walkie-talkies and became one of the largest suppliers in Hong Kong.


CPS continued to win tenders from China Government Departments.


CPS launched the ARC series of business radios and started to obtain a dominant position in the commercial fields, including global luxury stores, retail brands, food & beverage chains and other industries.


CPS distributed two-way radios to distributors globally.


Introducing the latest PoC Radio – CP720, a revolutionary communication product is born. The device operates without any geographical boundary limitations by utilizing the leading local data network.


CPS Telecom (Shenzhen) Ltd has been established.

The office is located in the prime commercial area of Luohu, Shenzhen, and is committed to providing professional communication services and exploring new business opportunities in the Greater China region.



CP828 series radio has garnered an accolade from one of the most prestigious global design awards – Red Dot Design Award (Communication Product Category). It recognizes CPS as an innovative beacon in the forefront of the telecommunications industry.



The all-new CPS PoC walkie-talkie collection is launched in the market. This PoC series is a culmination of design, cutting-edge technology and intricate craftsmanship, stepping into an age of borderless communications and setting a new trend in the telecommunications industry.



Newly launched in 2024, CP222 The Clip redefines the definition of “small”, taking the user experience to the next level. This ingenious model is one of the very few license-free walkie-talkies that can be legally used in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.


The CPS story continues to unfold…


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